Toroidal Inductor

  • Power toroidal inductor

    Power toroidal inductor

    For sendust power toroidal inductor, The main advantage is:  SENDUST and KOOL MU cores are distributed air gaps with low losses at high frequencies, Through hole mount with pre-tinned leads that can be directly soldered to PCB.The loss is lower than that of the iron powder core, the good straight iron silicon magnetic circulation bias characteristics, and the cost is between the iron powder core and the iron nickel molybdenum (MPP) magnetic powder core

  • PFC Inductor Toroidal High Current Power Inductor

    PFC Inductor Toroidal High Current Power Inductor

    PFC inductor is the core component of PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit. 

    PFC circuit was used more in UPS power supply in the early days, but PFC circuit was rarely seen in some PC power supplies; but later with some certifications (such as The emergence of CCC) has led to the rise of PFC inductors in the field of low-power power supplies.


    Feature of PFC Inductor:

    1. Made of sendust core or Amorphous core

    2. Working temperature range is -50~+200℃

    3.Good current superposition performance

    4. Low iron loss

    5. Negative temperature coefficient


  • Toroid choke with base

    Toroid choke with base

    The advantage of toroid chokes are more prominent, such as better soft saturation, negligible core loss, temperature stability and low cost. The inductor with Fe Si Al magnetic powder core can eliminate the disadvantage caused by the air gap of ferrite magnetic ring.

  • Power inductor

    Power inductor

    Toroidal inductors are passive components that feature a coil of insulated or enameled wire wound on a donut-shaped form made of ferrite or powdered iron. Practical and reliable, toroids are used in low-frequency circuit designs that requires large inductances. They are widely used in medical, industrial, nuclear, aerospace audio products, LED driver and vehicle wireless charging,and other electronic applications. If your circuit design requires a quality toroidal inductor, find them from leading manufacturers, at Future Electronics.

  • PFC inductor

    PFC inductor

    PFC inductor, also called toroidal inductor, Capable of handling very high DC bias current with minimal inductance roll off.

    “Power Factor Correction” The power factor is the ratio of the effective power divided by the total power consumption (apparent power).

  • High flux custom toroidal power inductor

    High flux custom toroidal power inductor

    The toroidal coil inductance is a very ideal shape in inductance theory. It has a closed magnetic circuit and few EMI problems. It makes full use of the magnetic circuit and is easy to calculate. It has almost theoretical advantages. It is all-inclusive toroidal coil inductance. However, there is one biggest disadvantage. , It’s not easy to scratch the thread, and the process is mostly handled manually.

  • 200uH Sendust Core Inductor

    200uH Sendust Core Inductor

    200uH Sendust Core Inductor

    High current power inductor is mainly made of high quality PEW or EIW copper wire

    Advantage of this high quality coil with litz wire and ferrite fortification in the center is that devices using this solution can be charged on charging stations of both standards.


    1.Customized according to your unique request

    2. Using Elektrisola wire, high stability.

    3. Precision wound coil and 100% all tested to ensure the quality.

    4. Build to confirm ROHS compliant

    5.Short lead time and quick sample

    6.Samples could be provided for your testing


    1. Wire diameter: Customized

    2. High current, up to 65A TYP

    3.  Current: 200uH

    4. Made according to customers request

    Size and dimensions:

    图片1 图片2


    1.     Inductance: 200uH for 32A.

    2.     Actual RMS current 32.2A rms 50Hz sine, but we want higher current capability of 50A, because efficiency is very important in the project.

    3.     Saturation current > 62A (50% of nominal inductance)

    4.     Current Ripple: 16A

    5.     Actual voltage 400V peak-to-peak 50kHz.

    6.     No housing, standalone inductors only, we will pour inductors in resin.

    7.     Resonant frequency Fr > 2.5MHz.


    Taking into account the need for high-requirement SRF value, we chose this large black magnetic ring for winding.


    In the field of magnetic toroidal inductors, small magnetic toroidal inductors have great demand in the market. On the contrary, there are few large magnetic loop inductors, which is based on technical difficulty and cost issues.

    Mature technology is the self-confidence of the factory.

    In our factory, the skilled workers have more than ten years of technical experience. In the production of these different types of magnetic loop inductors, the workers’ time and technology are in place in one step, which largely solves the problem of production efficiency.

    To design this three “high” product, we have passed many tests and determined the final competent solution through material selection and production methods.

    photobank (1)(1)

    The strict requirements of customers are also our driving force.

    Our magnetic core materials and copper wire materials are purchased from famous domestic raw material manufacturers KDM and Pacific Copper Wire. The skilled craftsmanship and superior materials make Mingda’s products more quality assurance.

    At the same time, our quality supervision is like the finishing touch, with careful inspection and testing before shipment, and safe and reliable packaging methods. The products we sell have won unanimous praise from customers in Korea and Japan!