• How to Reduce the Influence of heat generated on the circuit ?

    In the circuit design, the heat generated by the inductance coil plays an important role in the circuit. The heat generated will cause the temperature of the inductive coil to rise. The temperature has a great impact on the inductive coil. The resistance of the coil generally increases with the t...
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  • How to Distinguish and Select a Plug-in Shielded Inductor?

    How to Distinguish and Select a Plug-in Shielded Inductor?

    What elements should be paid attention when selecting plug-in shielded inductor? What impact will these elements have on the production and manufacturing of components? In this article , Huizhou Mingda will introduce the following elements to help you select high-quality suppliers. How to distin...
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  • Flat Coil Inductor Features

    Flat Coil Inductor Features

    Flat wire inductor is the inductor wound with flat enamelled copper wire. In this article ,I will introduce the definition and effect of flat coil inductor. First of all, let me briefly introduce the current situation of this product in China. At present, factories producing such products in Chi...
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  • Which is the Best Common Mode Inductor Production Factory?

    Which is the Best Common Mode Inductor Production Factory?

    With the continuous development of modern new energy technology, the application of electronic components is more and more widely. Similarly, after the continuous expansion of the electronic components market, various factories producing electronic components have sprung up like bamboo shoots aft...
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  • Definition of inductor

    Definition of inductor

    Definition of inductor Inductor is the ratio of the magnetic flux of the wire to the current producing the alternating magnetic flux, magnetic flux is generated in and around the wire when the alternating current passes through the wire According to Faraday’s law of Electro-Magnetic, the c...
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  • The Function of Common Mode Inductor in Circuit

    The Function of Common Mode Inductor in Circuit

    In the circuit, most of the EMC problems are common mode interference. So common mode inductor is also one of the powerful components commonly used ! When the equipment signal is interfered, we need to use the common mode inductor to filter the interfered signal. Here in MingDa, we will briefly i...
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  • The Features of SMD Power Inductor

    SMD Power Inductor Generally speaking, power inductor refers to inductors that can work normal in high power used in electrical engineering, such as inductors (also known as reactors) used to reduce voltage in large-scale electric machines (AC). The power inductor is composed of magnetic core and...
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  • What a inductor can do in Smart Home System ?

    In recent year , more and more smart home appear in people’s field of vision. Smart home is also called smart residence. In brief, it is a networked and intelligent home control system that integrates automation control system, computer network system and network communication technique. The smar...
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  • Details of leakage inductance.

    The magnetic field lines generated by the coil cannot all pass through the secondary coil, so the inductance that produces the leakage magnetic field is called leakage inductance. Refers to the part of the magnetic flux that is lost during the coupling process of the primary and secondary transfo...
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  • Detailed explanation of common mode inductors with pictures and texts

    Common Mode Current: A pair of signals (or noise) with the same magnitude and direction on a pair of differential signal lines. In the circuit.Generally, the ground noise is generally transmitted in the form of common mode current, so it is also called common mode noise.   There are many way...
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  • Principle of PTC thermistor

    PTC refers to a thermistor phenomenon or material with a sharp increase in resistance and a positive temperature coefficient at a certain temperature, which can be specially used as a constant temperature sensor. The material is a sintered body with BaTiO3, SrTiO3 or PbTiO3 as the main component,...
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  • Unit conversion of inductance

    Inductance is a closed loop and property of a physical quantity. When the coil passes current, a magnetic field induction is formed in the coil, which in turn generates an induced current to resist the current flowing through the coil. This interaction between current and coil is called inductanc...
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