• How to choose the frame material of the inductor coil?

    Inductor coils are widely used in electrical appliances. “Reject high frequency and pass low frequency” is the most important characteristic of inductor coils. When high-frequency signals pass through the inductor coil, they will encounter greater resistance and are difficult to pass ...
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  • Why reliability test is important to inductor ?

    Inductors, like many electronic components, are subject to various environmental stresses during their lifespan. These stresses can include temperature fluctuations, humidity, mechanical shocks, and more. Environmental reliability testing is crucial for inductors for several reasons.   Perfo...
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  • High-Quality Axial Lead Inductors, Invites Global Buyers to Explore

    High-Quality Axial Lead Inductors, Invites Global Buyers to Explore

    In a bid to expand its global reach and cater to discerning buyers in Global, Huizhou Mingda, a leading manufacturer in the electronics industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest line of high-quality axial lead inductors. Located in the heart of Huizhou, China, Huizhou Mingda boa...
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  • Why is ferrite used in inductors?

    Why is ferrite used in inductors?

    In the world of electronics, one essential component quietly but significantly shapes the performance of countless devices: ferrite. But why is ferrite the material of choice for inductors, and what makes it so crucial? Let’s explore.  Ferrite Introduction Ferrite is a ceramic compound comp...
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  • What electronic components are used in audio circuit boards?

    What electronic components are used in audio circuit boards?

    The audio circuit board is an important component of audio equipment such as speakers and power amplifiers. It can strengthen, filter, and amplify electrical signals to provide necessary electrical conditions for the transmission of music. However, for many people, the structure and components of...
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  • How to Choose a PFC (Power Factor Correction) inductor for LED lighting systems

    How to Choose a PFC (Power Factor Correction) inductor for LED lighting systems

    Huizhou China, Dec.26th 2023— Elevate your LED lighting systems to unparalleled efficiency with Huizhou Ming Da Precise Electronics Co., Ltd (Short for MingDa ) latest breakthrough: the cutting-edge Power Factor Correction (PFC) inductor. This innovative component is meticulously designed to opti...
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  • Can an inductor go bad?

    Can an inductor go bad?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic components, inductors play a crucial role in powering a wide array of devices. However, recent inquiries have arisen regarding the reliability and longevity of these components. Today, we explore the question: Can an inductor go bad? Inductors, recogn...
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  • What is Flat Wire Coil Inductor?

    What is Flat Wire Coil Inductor?

    Flat coil inductors, a distinctive category of inductors wound with flat copper wire, have gained prominence in the realm of electronic components. This article delves into the construction, advantages, manufacturing processes, applications, and various types of flat coil inductors, shedding ligh...
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  • Transinductor Voltage Regulator (TLVR) Power Electronics Inductor

     Mingda ,Huizhou Mingda,  introduces a family of transinductor voltage regulators (TLVRs) for high-reliability, industrial-grade power electronics applications.       These TLVRs include AHA series TLVT coupling inductors, L10142 series compensation inductors and SLA...
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  • Why choose Huizhou Mingda for SMD inductors ?

    If you are looking for high quality chip inductors at an affordable price, then Huizhou Mingda is your best choice. As experts in a wide range of SMD inductor, we are proud to offer a wide range of products to suit different electronic applications. We are committed to delivering superior perfor...
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  • Buy Wholesale China Manufacturer High Rated Current Mode SMD Molded Power Choke for Smart Home/Consumer Electronics Smart Meter with CE Mark and Inductor for US$0.1

            MingDa Electronics was founded in 2006 and is famous for its  inductor company. Mingda headquarters is located in Huizhou City, Zhejiang Province. China. It covers a total area of ​​52,000 square meters and currently employs more than 1,450 employees.  &nb...
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  • Huawei’s return has exploded. Many inductor and transformer companies are involved in Huawei concepts.

    In September, Huawei’s new generation flagship mobile phone officially debuted on the market, and Huawei’s industry chain continues to be hot. As an end customer closely related to inductor and transformer companies, what impact will Huawei’s trends have on the industry? The Mat...
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