Round Wire Coil

  • SMD air coil

    SMD air coil

    The main characteristic is extremely high Q factors and very tight inductance tolerance, As their name implies, air-core inductors do not use a magnetic core, resulting in the high Q and the lowest possible losses for high-frequency applications.

  • Antenna air coil

    Antenna air coil

    Air-core coils can usually be used as current transformers, with a wide frequency band, small size, light weight, convenient for digital measurement, and microcomputer protection. It is widely used in television technology, audio technology, communication transmission, reception and power filtering, VCD radio head, antenna amplifier, radio cassette recorder, antenna microphone and other fields.

  • Inductor air coil

    Inductor air coil

    With more than 100 automatic winding machines in our factory, We could ensure about the quick lead time and product quality.

    Just provide us the basic size, wire diameter and turns request, we could wind anything suitable for you.

  • Customized air core coil

    Customized air core coil

    Due to its own characteristics, air-core coils have been widely used in voice coils in the electroacoustic industry, deflection coils of precision instruments, combined coils in micro motors, and micro coils in sensors.

  • Air core inductor choke coil

    Air core inductor choke coil

    Made of Elektrisola enameled copper wire  with high stability.

    More than 100 automatic winding machines guarantee delivery on time.  

    Different spec. of copper coil in stock,  to meet customer different requirements.

    All raw material are  environmentally friendly.