Flat Wire Coil

  • Helical wound air coil

    Helical wound air coil

    Helical or Edge Wound Air Coils, also called high current air coils ,Capable of handling very high current and High Temperature.

  • Large litz wire air coil

    Large litz wire air coil

    The Litz wire is utilized to wireless power transfer system and induction heating according to has small AC resistance in high frequency. Prediction of AC resistance of the Litz wire is important for design optimization of the Litz wire.It is effectively Continuously Transposed Conductor in a small thin cross section form – and usually using round wire not the rectangular conductor used in typical CTC wire used in large transformers.

  • Pancake coil

    Pancake coil

    Pancake coil is customized according to customers request.

    This kind of coil is made of excellent flat copper wire coil.