Radial Inductor

  • Radial Shielded power inductor

    Radial Shielded power inductor

    For shielded power radial inductor, it is ideal as a choke coil for noise filtering,  With low Rdc, large current type, it is best for the power supply line.

    Unique mold could be opened for you with your size request.

  • Radial Leaded Wire Wound Inductor

    Radial Leaded Wire Wound Inductor

    The I-shaped inductor is an electromagnetic induction element composed of an I-shaped magnetic core frame and enameled copper wire. It is a component that can convert electrical signals into magnetic signals. The I-shaped inductor itself is an inductor. The skeleton of the I-shaped inductor is supported by the winding of the copper core coil. I-shaped inductance is one of the attributes of electronic circuits or devices.